The Flow

You know what’s life?

It’s your long chats,

that draws my smile.


You know what’s a dream?

To witness you,

from within.


You know what’s grace?

You eyes conveying,

more than your face.


You know whats a living?

Seeing your soul on you,



You know what’s desire?

To read your happiness,

with your words of fire.


You know what’s fantasy?

It’s you!!!

The one whom I can always read

But cannot live.

@ramta jogi

Picture Courtesy: Ravi Upadhyay

Short Story 5 : The Old School Love

Some romance only words can define. In reality they cannot exist.

Presenting, the conversation of Adil, Aasna and their love.

Short story 5 from my “100 short stories” series,

“The Old School Love”

Hope you like it.

Image Credits: Ravi Upadhyay

Adil: “Maybe you are the reality to my illusion. You define my existence by confessing those words which I can only express on paper.

Aashna: Really!! Is it maybe or for sure?

Adil: For sure. “May be” was just a hesitation, sort of doubting my own truth.

Aashna: You need to do that.

Adil: I know. I also hope that you know, my emotions for you are not temporary.

Aashna: I know. And that is what scares me the most.

Adil: Scares? It should be something for you to be proud of. You are the one who is being treated with this pious emotion.

Aashna: Exactly!! I am the one you bestowed with this love and that’s what the reason of my fear. Emotions change, feelings vanish, grown-ups move on, time heals a man who loves.

Adil: If you are so sure that time heals everything, then why it still scares you?

Aashna: As I said, it heals a man who is in love, not a child. You are a lover of soul. You don’t act in love Adil, you react as your heart feels. Your love for me is no different than the laugh of a small child when you caress him taking in your arms. It is not necessary for the child to know you, but once he is comfortable in your arms, he trusts you as his own. He doesn’t doubt your intentions. That is your love. It is innocent, pious, true, pure and happy. It is unaffected of the worldly thoughts and explanations. And no one can even think of making that child cry. Neither can I.

Aashna: You define the old school of love, which has already been changed and adulterated by people.

Adil: So which love you believe in?

Aashna: I live in the society, where the schools have changed their syllabus. I belong to the new school of love. Here I wish to be loved by an old school romantic but altogether we fear of not hurting. him, if in case things don’t work out. And so we practically end up with the one whose emotions are not eternal and the one who accepts the thought that things change and we should move on with them …

Adil: Maybe then I am left with two options. Either not having you or be ready to get hurt if things spoil in a longer run.

I think, let me be happy by being with you, loving you and trying for you every day without any expectation of response. And you feel happy thinking that a guy loves you the old school way. Let the water of river flow the way it is going on and let its direction be decided once it meets the ocean.

That night, 8000 miles apart, both faces smiled seeing their phone screen.

@ramta jogi

Hindi Poem: Nayan

Ek nayan ke do tare,

Donno usko behadh pyaare,

Ruthe ek, to vo roye,

Dujhe ke dukh mein, dukhi hoye,

Dono taron ki apni bhasha,

Apni samaj, apni jigyasa,

Pagal, nathkat, nautanki donno,

Apne aasma mein chamakte rehte,

Chaand karta raat roshan,

Ye taare us roshni ko shobha dete.

Rehte pare vo ek duje se,

Methaas to unke sangam mein thi

Sundar the vo donno tare,

Chamak par unke man mein thi,

Pyaare hai vo mere tare,

Pyaara vo sansaar hai,

Raat ho jab in ke sang pyaari,

Subah ki kisko darkaar hai?

@ramta jogi


Let us not rhyme!!

Even life never does,

On a deserted road,

It’s always the left turn that draws you to right.


Let us not rhyme!!

Because nor do love,

It’s always the broken, scattered souls,

When held together, carves the beauty.


Let us be the cacophony!!

Mixed, chaotic and harsh.

Vague but still existing,

And eventually for a moment even it will sound melody.

@ramta jogi

Picture Courtesy: Ravi Upadhyay

Hindi Poem: Yaadein


देखि  नहीं  एक  अरसे  से  उसकी  तस्वीर  कहीं,

न  खनकी  इन  कानो  में  उसकी  आवाज़  कहीं ,

लगता  है  वो  रूह , अब  रूमानी  हो  गई  होगी,

झल्ली  सी  थी  वो  पगली , अब  सयानी  हो  गई  होगी .


सुनके   उसे  आज  भी , सबके  चेहरे खिल  जाते  होंगे,

वो  मुस्कुराहट अब  लोगों  को  और  रिझाति  होगी .


घुंघराली  उसकी  ज़ुल्फें  , आज  भी  उसे  झुंझलाती  होगी,

उन्हें  बांध  के  जुड़ा  बनाने  की  समझ , पर  अब  उसने  पा ली  होगी .


खुद पे  इतराना , उसे  अभ  भी  भाता  होगा ,

पर  वो  झुकी  नज़रों  की  हया , अब  उसने  अपना  ली  होगी .


प्यार  जताना  उसे  अब  भी  नहीं  आता  होगा ,

किसी  को  दिल  से  अपना  के , इश्क़  की  समझ  उसने  ज़रूर पा ली  होगी .


सजने  संवरने  से  उसको  आज  भी  तौबा  होगी ,

पर  किसी  की  ख़ुशी  के  लिए , वो  माथे  पे  बिंदिया  ज़रूर  चमकाती   होगी .


जो  छूट  गया , वो   कल  उसे  याद  तो  आता  होगा ,

पर  उस  नमी  को  अब  वो  अपने  नैनो  में छुपाती  होगी .


मेरी  कहानियों  की  तरह , ज़िन्दगी  अधूरी  नहीं  होगी  अब  उसकी ,

मेरे   शब्दों   की  तरह , अब  वो  एक   मुक्कमल  कहानी  हो गई  होगी.

@रमता जोगी

Picture Courtesy: Ravi Upadhyay

Hindi Poem: Ab Jaoo !!

Ab jab ja rahe ho, to bus jao,

Kuch bata ke mat jao, kuch jata ke mat jao.

Kuch samja ke mat jao, kuch buja ke mat jao,

Ab jab ja rahe ho, to bus jao.


Ye na socho ki kiski galti thi,

Kahan shuru hoi koi baat,

Kahan koi baat bigdi thi,

Kisne bahaye ashq, kisne dor thami thi,

Ek umeed mein kati, kisne sari zindagi thi,

Us adhure ishq mein, ab khud Ko aur mat dubao,

Ab jab ja rahe ho, to bus jao.


Ye na pucho ki kesa lagta hai?

Dard bhaari hai ya fir halka hai?

Kya raaton ko aati hai sukoon ki neend?

Ya ghaav dil pe kafi gehra hai?

Shabdon ke sahaare se, ab itni fikr mat jatao.

Ab jab ja rahe ho, to bus jao.


Na thamo, na thehro,

Na ruko, na  kuch kaho,

Bhulo ab, ki kya khoya, kya paya,

Na karo mehsus, ki koi apna hua paraya,

Aaj ki khamoshi Ko apnao,

Kal ki awaazon Ko sapna samaj bhul jao.

Apni sachai Ko ek jhutha chehra dikho,

Ab jab ja rahe ho to bus jaoo.

@ramta Jogi