The Diary: Wine and You

One night, wine, pen, paper, thoughts and She.

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Her long hazel colored nails tinkled, as her wrist softly moved, touching the wine glass. Her fingers made their way towards her fountain pen placed on the bunch of papers, with her eyes still looking on the screen. Rough sheets of papers lay scattered all over the table. The tinkling sound drew her attention away from her laptop towards her glass of wine. With a soft gracious smile on her face, she finally grabbed the glass. Meanwhile, she also picked the pen which was kept open on the last draft of her first poem for editing.

Reading the final draft and sipping the last drop of her wine made her realize that it was the 4th glass she had that evening and now she was not in a stage to have any more. In trying to make herself comfortable and focusing on the poem, she found yet another correction, and this was, as per her understanding, the last one. The comma got replaced by a semi colon. She edited the same on her laptop.

Somehow she was done with the poem. The poem was ready from her end and she wanted some of her close friends to read and review it. But as the night and the heaviness of the content demanded, she opted for the 5th glass of wine again. The solitude of being alone at home was pleasing her. She stood by the window and it was getting cold. The touch of cold breeze was making her happy. The wine was kinking in. Suddenly the face went low, a few tears dropped and she started watching the stars.

It was not only the wine that made her dull. It was Punit, in whose memories she was so absorbed that the tears came out. He came in her life as a happiness to her existence. Her soul was at peace with her breaths, because of him. He made her look beautiful in her own eyes. He became her definition of love. But time and circumstances defines the person you are and in no time, he left. What went wrong or whose fault it was, were the questions that can be ignored when the end is not one she dream off. He left, leaving her in search of the solitude she never wanted, but is now all that she wants. She took to drinking. The girl whose love was defined by someone’s existence, started living her life. Wine became a part of her. She had never drunk before Punit. Not even with her earlier boyfriends.

Slowly with wine came a time of self-realization. This lead to defining her in the smallest world of words. She started reading and playing with words.

Re living the time with him, she tried to write. Pages after pages got lost in some corners of the room, making her realize how easy it was to live that life and how difficult it was getting to portray it on paper. Days passed and each rolled paper thrown in dustbin gave her a better meaning about herself.

Today, after filling the room with many such paper balls, she was finally with the draft of her first poem. The stars were now blinking at her, shinning and making her realize how beautiful she looks even without anyone praising her in the room. The darkness of night was no longer a sign of loneliness for her. It was peace and tranquility now. The process of writing about her life made her a better woman. She understood those aspects of life, which she never felt while living them. Words made her better person. They made her loving herself. Now, the 5th glass was supped. She smiled at the moon and thanked the stars for showing faith in her. She moved back to her laptop and titled her poem, “Wine and You” and sent to her friends.

That night she was in love with her existence even more, in relation to no one else. Moving back towards the bed, she slept with utmost peace. The poem got appreciated published in International magazine and loved by all. Somehow, what the words in “Wine and you” did for her, was what the wine and the guy in her life were not able to do.

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Take Care !!

At times the love survives even without the relation. The tears show the emotions which the heart feels, but still avoids.

Take Care !! brings the story of 2 people and 1 love with no relation.


The free flow, the collision and the flowing back; the water created all the chaos but still at that moment it was silent. The night was endearing. The sparkling brightness of the stars was at its peak. The moon blossomed adding to the beauty of night. In the white mud with tiny pebbles scattered all around, they breathed a pleasant air which the water brought with its flow. The beach was creating magic. Everything around them was perfect.

In the white gown wrapped around her body, with a golden bracelet on her one wrist and a beautifully designed watch on the other, mascara decorating her eyes, she was sitting there and breathing the air of happiness and freedom. Her face was glowing seeing the rush of water touching her feet. Each time the drops caressed her feet, a chirpy laughter with everlasting smile came to her face. She seemed like a small girl clapping and laughing in her own joy irrespective of what was going around.

And there he was, sitting in the white shirt perfectly ironed and tucked in the elegant black pants. Both hands in the mud to lay support, he was continuously looking her and living the moment. Her laughter kept a continuous smile on his face. He too was living the moment in her. They knew what was to follow and but they did not wanted to think about it. It was their day and at that time it was their moment which they were living.

Soon she turned her face and saw him watching her. She stared for a while and laughed. Seeing her laughter he smiled again. Their faces found it difficult to turn around and look towards the sea. As long as they looked towards each other, even the time found it hard and difficult to move on. A sudden wave of cold breeze finally made her turn around; he still held his face the same.

The silence was not killing the moment, instead it was making the moment and was taking it to the new highs. Her hand waved to let the particles of mud move out from them and her eyes started gazing on her fingers. She smiled seeing her engagement ring and started playing with him. Even in that dark hour her face was glowing. In the same moment was heard a deep sound of a train horn followed by movement of the train. The rails were expected to be nearby.

Finally after taking it out and wearing again, she fixed it in her finger and gave a sudden look towards him. He was still in the same posture smiling on her very actions. He was very much aware of her playing with the ring.

“I think it’s time to go”

she said in the most innocent voice. And without any reply he stood up and gave his hand to her to do the same. They started walking. Finally getting their legs wet on the sea shores, they made their way towards their car.

The car stopped outside her place. He sat there without moving out. She silently went to her gate and turned back, asking

“Will you be there for?”

“No. Leaving tomorrow. Don’t know when I will return” he replied even before letting her complete the question.

 With a goodbye smile, his car left.She stood there with a smile on her face and tears in his eyes. Somewhere down in herself she knew this answer.

Years later, the same old city of their welcomed them. In sophisticated dresses, poised etiquette, and formal smiles they met again. In a function filled with many of their known, they met each other. She was joined by her husband and he was their still alone. They faced each other and were not able talk. Both had stories to tell, memories to share, emotions to show and words to flow. But nothing happened. The eyes were beginning to turn wet and lips went numb. The relation between them was yet not defined but now it didn’t matter even. Before the eyes start to flow its emotions out, they both decide to bid again a good bye with no hopes and expectation to meet again.

“Take care” both uttered the words together

Somewhere between the deep chaos of the waves and the deep silence of the continuously murmuring people at the function, they knew that their love has survived the test of time.

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The Conclusion


Endings are different, difficult and not always accepted with ease.

But what if someone does not wants to end things and leave it open.

Short story “The Conclusion” presents an interpretation of ending with a short story


The half smoked roll of joint was lying burning in the ash tray. The room was filled with smoke. Scattered on the computer table were all those things which he needed to survive for that night. Quite carefully he picked up his headphones from that mess and plugged them into his computer. It was time he drowned himself in the music of pink Floyd. A few novels occupied some space on the other side, some read and some scheduled to be read as per convenience. An empty wafer packet flew from one corner of the room to the other. A pack of cards found itself in the same place where his neighbor had put it a couple of days back. He connected his phone to the charger and plugged it into the furthest charging slot, not because it required charging, but because he wanted some peace.

The clock struck 11 pm. He restarted his computer which got hang due to multiple opened windows. Its speed, or rather the lack of it, sucked. All his pleas to his dad for a new laptop went in vain but his father kept on shooing him away saying it was a useless expense.

The last episode of his story series was due to be released tonight. This story series was something he was obsessed for, since months. He wrote 5 episodes of the series and released one every week. He was able to garner rave reviews for the same. The number of followers on social networking sites rose many folds. It was time for the last episode of it. This series which was his only interest for the past 3 months, his biggest dream, and his shot to fame had reached a conclusive stage. The penultimate episode had set the benchmark to a new level altogether; hence, an unforgettable ending was expected from him. He had received many mails from his followers praising his work and telling him how eagerly they were waiting for the last episode. Tonight was the decisive night.

He sat there, staring at the blank Word sheet on the screen. The entire week he had been trying really hard to put words to his thoughts, but the harsh truth was that he didn’t have any thought in his mind. He couldn’t think of a suitable end! This wasn’t a very comfortable situation for him. He loved writing. In fact, a pen and an empty notebook were his best friends. They stayed with him even during the worst of times. He wasn’t accustomed to this blankness. He thought hard and suddenly realized that it had nothing to do with his writing skills or abilities, it was the problem he had with endings!

He had some serious issues with endings. Be it his stories or his personal life, it was always the end that bothered him the most. Good or bad wasn’t the concern, the concern was the end. He loved his girlfriend Sameera and she loved him as well. But she boarded a flight to a different city, which distanced him with her lately ended his relationship abruptly. The day his parents split ended the image of a happy family, which every person has in mind. Nothing in his life ended the way he wanted, so he began to fear the end! It was an irony that he was doing the thing which he was most passionate for, but he had to face his most dreaded situation at the same time!

He wasn’t simply writing a random story, instead he was living it! The story was a depiction of the life he never had! How could someone end the life he always dream of living? He was enjoying every bit of it. Every character in the story had the nature of the people he always wanted to be with. The circumstances, the peaks, the troughs and the emotions in it were all things he wanted to experience. This story was a complete contrast to his real life. Ending this story would mean that he will have to search for a new life, a new identity for himself from the next moment itself!

He wasn’t a very social kind of a person and found it difficult to interact with people. His characters were all he had, and every character was what he wanted to be. He was in the world of his own and that world was supposed to end that night with that conclusive chapter. He knew that he couldn’t continue the story forever. It had lived its life, and it was time to end it.

But the characters were the ones he was concerned for. He wanted those characters to be etched in the minds of the readers. He wanted the characters to live their life. He wanted the audience to miss them for long. A conclusion would fade the memories of the character in some time. He never wanted that.

Time moved at its full pace. 15 minutes remained to 12 ‘o’ clock. His readers awaited what they were expecting to be a really memorable last episode. People wanted to know what happened to the characters in the end. He knew it was time to conclude what he had begun. Fear shouldn’t stop him from giving to the readers what they want. He had lived the story happily.

Finally, he concluded and published the last episode with no characters, no dialogue and no story. He ensured that the conclusion wasn’t the end. He simply disguised the last episode under two simple words:


It did not make him feel good, but definitely made him feel less bad!

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The Reminiscence of love

“The Past is lived and the Present is felt.”

Some love survives in the absence of stories, just in the form of memories.

“The Reminiscence of love” presents a brief visualization of the love that got lost in memories.

And there she was, dressed in an orange bridal suit. As elegant and composed as ever. There was a familiar smile on her face which kept him staring at her. The stage, whose beauty she enhanced, perfectly complemented her. The wedding ring on her finger, shining; reflected her happiness. He always had dreamt her this way. Back then, many a times both of them even discussed about how this very day, that meant so much to them will look like. Now, looking at the picture of her sitting on stage was mesmerizing. For him, it was as good as reality.

Yes! She was engaged. Not with him though!!

With whom? How? Why?

May be these questions and the answers to them matter no more. They are insignificant now. She’s gone. She has left, leaving lots of memories behind for him, to live a happy and joyful marital life.

They weren’t in a relationship. They were just together. Not for benefits, but just for the sake of giving time to their friendship, just to see if they can go beyond it, just to see if things can work out and if something can bind them together.

But it didn’t. At some point, things came to a standstill. She moved on. She settled abroad. Years passed, their friendship moved through stages of crests and troughs. A couple of years later, she got committed to a smart guy whom she found suitable enough to spend the rest of her life with.

The moment she told him about her commitment, it detached him from himself, creating a void in him. It made him realize that subconsciously, he was living just with a hope. A hope for a better future. A hope where they can be together forever.

His heart broke like the scattered raindrops which never come together. Even if these raindrops make an attempt to join, they actually flow downwards and fall apart. His heart was numb. Thoughtless, lifeless.

Later, he thought to himself that maybe they weren’t destined to go this far. Maybe it was his fault. May be it was less of “him” in “them”. Maybe it was more of “feeling” the love than “expressing” it. May be he took it for granted rather than trying to make the love special. It made him feel guilty for whatever happened or for whatever could have happened but didn’t. It made him cry.

But today things don’t matter anymore. She calls him to ask whether or not he is alright? She asks why they don’t talk the way they used to? Why doesn’t he behave the way he used to? Where is their friendship lost? Where is he lost? Why doesn’t he attend the functions of their common friends? She asks many questions. But as mentioned before, things don’t matter now. He hopes that in due course of time she will realize that such questions don’t have an impact on him anymore. They don’t need to be answered. They are self-explanatory.

Soon she will understand that they have to live different lives with beautiful futures and a past which is better forgotten.

She has to accept that between them it will never be the same again. He won’t blame her for the fact that their future won’t be the same as their past was but he has to move on . It will be tough, it will be hard but it has to be done.

He also understands that this phase will be just for some time. Things will change and people will accept the past. The talks will became rare, and gradually, end and this end will be understood by both.

Perhaps, in future they will be exchanging smiles once again. When they will meet somewhere, they might even exchange warm hugs as well. Occasional talks and laughing on the past will also be a part of future. But today, distancing is the most logical solution. 

On his laptop, seeing her engagement picture on her profile makes him feel happy. He wishes the best for her. He has his life ahead and regretting about what he has lost doesn’t seem to be a fitting thing to do. But one fact will stay with him forever, the fact that unknowingly and definitely unwillingly, he lost her.

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The Photograph


In the end all that matters is your happiness.

The Photograph -A short story of Ananya, who after reaching the stage of womanhood, re thinks and re collects her past and makes peace with it.

The Photograph

                                                               -Revealing the Un-revealed


On the table were lying memories. Different pictures captured at different times, different age and with different people, each telling a story of its own. Ananya gazed at them all as if she was living them in her eyes there and then yet again. But it was difficult; it was her past, unheard by many around her, in her present. Some she had forgotten about, and some she desperately wanted to forget. This was not the first time she was going through these pictures. She wanted to know why many of her precious moments ended and still she was happy with her life. She searched for her curiosity among st those memories.

There was a photograph of her with Anant; her boyfriend during schooldays whom she had met for the first time in Dehradun. A tall, dark and handsome guy with whom she fell in love the very first time they met and dream of a life together. They were just 17. Love seldom showcases understanding, sometimes it just create an aura of happiness. The same aura, Ananya was living in, then. The surrounding was blurred to them.  She had her first kiss with him. Time went by and maturity knocked the doors, teenage was about to end.  Who did what? Who was right? Who was wrong? What mattered and what not, everything needed a justification. Things began to change slowly and were never the same.
She picked up another photograph; Anuja, her best friend at college, who always stood by her in her highs and lows. Enjoyed with her in the hay-days and cried in her sorrow. She was her sole support in the 3 years of college at Delhi. Anuja and Ananya spent most of their time gossiping together. But as she began to realize what her life was meant for and what she should do to make it worthwhile, her priorities changed and so did the people around her. With her changed approach, she had to juggle her life between her best friend and her future, ultimately the relation did not work out.

With her eyes wet, she kept the photograph down and searched for something which could make her smile.

She picked up the photo of her teddy bear, which made her wonder who gifted it to her. It was Ansh, her online friend. She met him on a social networking site, who made his way into her life, first through Whats App and then through Skype. At that time, she was working in Kolkata, which also happened to be her hometown. At this stage, she did not wanted a relationship but was eager to keep herself engaged in some activity apart from work. Marriage was not on her cards at least for the next 2 years and so came Ansh. She met Ansh, and gradually their proximity grew. She dated him for a year. When she was with him, she felt liberated. She lost herself within him. She lived this phase of life. It made her more mature and independent. In an effort to feel free, she missed the part of understanding the person in her life. Her constraints of not entering in a relationship and still to be with Ansh confused her and that confused her relationship with hi. She never convinced herself and so knowingly or unknowingly things ended yet again.

Finally she kept the pictures aside.

She realized how something that was once a part of her, does not exist today. Whether it was her first kiss in school with Anant, her sloshed state with Anuja, or losing her virginity with Ansh; each moment was an integral part of her life, which added some spice, excitement and thrill to her life and made her feel ecstatic. But none lasted. Going through the scattered set of pictures she realized how it was not the end in a true sense.

They always changed their direction and got lost somewhere, with a hope of returning in future. She slowly began to feel good that how she should not be sad as nothing had actually ended in the real sense. End comes with the closure of certain things or certain people in your life. But that is what the dilemma of life is; the only thing that ends in life is life, rest everything continues, either in present or in memories of the past or in the hope of a better and brighter future.

She was neither regretting them, nor was she satisfied about letting them wave off in the ocean and reaching different shores. She understood how the memories that the pictures brought back were to make her understand the importance of time and how in each phase of life, each experience mattered and did good to her without affecting her present.

She searched through them once again, and a picture brought smile to her face finally. She brought it close to her and kissed it. She found an empty photo frame. She made her way towards it and put picture in it. It was of her and her husband with whom she had an arranged marriage. She just had spent over a year with him but still he was very important to her. What was the thing which made her choose him over others, she never understood.

She didn’t understand whether she loved him more than Anant or Ansh. Whether she was guilty of not telling him about her past, she never thought of it. She was finally happy with the answers she got. She understood there will be no end to any of the relations she lived; the only end will be that they will be one of these clicked pictures and she wanted to be clicked with a smiling face.

The door knocked, and she realized it was her husband, keeping all the pictures back in the old bag; where she thought the pictures actually belong and leaving them in the store room, she went to open the door.

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The Box


Story: The Box

Love sometimes needs no words and understanding.

A boy, a girl and some strangers, all in the same room.

This is a story of smile, happiness and the Box.

Read it to love it


The clock was about to strike noon. Every face had supposedly come with the same purpose in mind, and it being the first day, seemed supposedly motivated. The eyes of all focused to a common wall. As the time passed by, the motivation diluted. Most people’s eyes stared at the wall blankly, and with utter disregard their minds were lost in the thoughts of their favorite TV shows, favorite food and favorite superheroes. There were some who resisted the trains of their thoughts and focused on the primary reason why they were there.

His eyes wandered. Sometimes he would see the light, then the fan and then came down towards those who sat around him. His eyes finally rested in the right corner of the room just next to the exit door. Even the one side view was good enough to bring a smile on his face. The birthmark beneath her nose complimented perfectly her face and the star like shine in her eyes. The constant movement of her lips as if talking to herself, made him laugh. Almost as a tradition followed religiously by everyone there, she too was busy doodling something. Her hair were perfectly in place, with just a small strand of it coming on her face which she tucked behind her ear from time to time. Her dress was similar to other girls in the room, but astonishingly suited her the most.

She turned around casually and for him at that very moment it all seemed right, altogether. Seeing him staring at her continuously she was at first taken aback. Wondering why the guy was doing so, she stared back at him changing her facial expression again and again. This didn’t stop him, instead he looked at her with more curiosity. It seemed fun and he enjoyed doing it even more!

In a room that was full of strangers, he made a sweet gesture by waving his hand and asking her to come near and take the seat next to him. She didn’t seem to be amused by his friendliness and looked away from him to concentrate on her doodling. Clueless, he started to stare at other people in the room, but again, his eyes went back to the same corner. A few minutes later, she turned her head towards him. Something was going on in her mind, she couldn’t help being inclined towards the only guy who seemed to care about her existence in the room. This time, she smiled back at him. As they say smile is contagious, hence both of them began to do the same.

The distance between them didn’t allow them to hear what the other was saying. Their eyes did the talking, some questions were asked, and they were answered through some gestures which only they could understand. The smiles symbolized affirmation. Finally the clock stuck 1 PM. The bell rang, the lecture was over. The teacher left the room. The students of class 5th B opened their bags and with their lunch boxes rushed towards the playground to enjoy it with their friends. She stood from her place with her lunch box and went towards his seat. He unzipped his bag, took out some chocolates and offered them to her.

“Lunch box?” she asked.

“Parents are out of town. So no lunch box today” he replied.

“No issues, you can share mine” said she.

Both smiled and ate the food.

Years passed, the students of 5th grade became adults and stayed together. He never brought his lunch box for all these years and his bag kept producing chocolates every day for her.

May be the lunch box bonded them better than a cup of coffee could have!


The box by ramta jogi

The Walk


2 People, 1 Lane and 1 Walk

What happened then is what the story “The Walk is”



The lane was devoid of any noise. Sheer silence prevailed as if the beautiful words of a poetess had mesmerized the people, leaving them numb with awe. The darkness of the night began to spread its arms, engulfing the light of the sun. Braving the night stood a street lamp at a distance whose light beautified the night with its glow. With their hearts throbbing, they walked together. Each step drawing them closer to the lamp. Each step asking them questions, and urging them to open up. The fortuitous silence paved the way for things unspoken. It wanted them to look into each other’s eyes. It wanted those eyes to flow, to tell each other about their dreams, their desires.

Perhaps it wasn’t the day for talking. The chilly, wintry night was paying homage to their love. The gentle refraction of the light revealed their faces. In a traditional yellow dress she looked like a princess. Her eyes glittering; of course she was emotional. Those eyes could have been stars in the sky, but tonight they were here, right in front of him. Her curly hair looked like deep dark forest. And there he was; with his off white shirt half tucked in his faded jeans.

As the light of the lamp brightened her face, he looked at her through his frame less glasses. As a momentary smile came to their faces, dark clouds mounted in the night sky, adding more chill to the already cold atmosphere. The stars disappeared behind the clouds, and so did the moon, desperately trying to lighten the sky. Her fair face jeweled in the light of the lamp, and clouds did nothing to the glitter in her eyes. Her smile made a beautiful dimple in her cheek, adding immense charm to her personality. As they stared each other, their eyes began to talk. Their hands drew closer to each other, and then she immersed her hands into his. The scene was picture perfect. It seemed as if a lovely story was about to unfold, with the night, the lamp and the sky being silent audience.

They came closer, so close that they could feel the warmth of each other’s breath. Their lips caressed each other as they exchanged a soft kiss. Enclosing each other with their arms, they hugged. They stood there that way for minutes. She gripped him tightly, resting her head against his chest. He held her tighter, she belonged to him. They loosened their holds, and spoke softly near each other’s ear.

“It’s over…”

The words that were supposed to distance them, instead brought their hearts closer. They stood there in the same position, both knew that it was supposedly the end. It was the end of their togetherness, the end of the emotions they shared, end of the countless memories they were a part of. He was about to get married in the coming months, while she will have to search for a life which would define her, and give her an existence of her own without his support.

What went wrong? Who was to be blamed? These were questions that mattered no more. Probably it was destined to end. They wanted to end it with a smile. But smiles weren’t ready to grace their faces at that moment. Holding back tears was the priority. With every passing minute, dark became darker. It was time they should leave. With heavy hearts they moved apart in opposite directions. They tried to force a smile on their faces which became wet with tears. No more words could be spoken. The hands left each other slowly, well aware of the fact that they can’t be held together ever again. With a lot of courage they turned their backs towards each other and left. Their story of a beautiful journey together ended. They were able to hold their tears back, but the sky couldn’t. It rained that night.

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