#SoCS: Male Ego

Article: The Male Ego

3 Years back I wrote this article out of frustration or regret, i don’t actually remember the actual reason.

Today re-reading it I found may be the world have changed, the words could have been more matured, the points covered could have been less biased. But still the feel of the topic exists even today and that is <Male Ego>


The only quality that separates a male from being a True gentle man is what we call “Ego” or “Male Ego” to be precise. The society where we live from our childhood to adulthood had made us see violence of a man on a woman or male domination over the females. And that is what stays in us, lifelong. The biggest problem with mind is it learns slowly what it hears but learns fast what comes in front of it.

Nowadays the relationship/ friendship break only because of this “Male Ego”. Either it’s just friendship or a beginning of a relationship, what a man wants is to rule it or guide the relation in His own way. The only way their friendship should run, depends on His mood, His timing and His interests. The only way He wants to continue His Love-relation depends on His limitations and His extend till where he wants to continue it and when he wants to end it.

He acts with her as if she is taken for granted. His worst behavior with her are the consequences of his bad day, His problems becomes the result of her acts, or of her being in his life. She becomes the one to be held responsible for how he is living, and whenever things get wrong. On fine days, every good thing too has a share with her, though not completely. It gets divided between her and He-himself. Regardless of good points, a Man has a problem of oneness. All achievements achieved by him are mainly because of him and less because of others, that’s what he thinks.

The recent era is getting more technological and fast-forward. We-The Man are less for ourselves and more to show to people and this in turn this is lessening true side of ours. We don’t have time to feel or think our true wishes and interests and just show people that how great we are.

In the entire act, it is only the girl who suffers a lot, who with all good thoughts and pure feelings wants to be with you as your love or as a good friend to cherish your company. She sees what bad you do to her, feel bad for that actions of yours but still feels good for you; still finds that what you are showing and how you are behaving is just a temporary act and you respect/love her more than you show. She lives in a world of her own self, where the only thing she sees is what makes her feel good. She pays no attention to all the ignorance and wrong behavior towards her and even if she does; it results in a bit of sadness and shortly she continues overlooking it.

But still, in the midst of all this there comes an end; an end to all sufferings, all the bearings, all the problems that a girl faced all because of the man in her life and she gives up. She gives up what she loved someday; she gives up what she wished with someone. She gives up the life for which she was not made of and which she was living just to receive love and lately in return she realizes that the love which she deserved to get with all such giving is actually what she haven’t got till date.

All she received love is when the man Himself wanted, in the form in which the Man delivered; her wishes and emotions were not only disregarded; they were not even considered. Thinking all this she gives up it as a matter of past. And a freedom welcomes her; A freedom where her happiness is more important for herself. She starts receiving all the positive energy from all sides, finds better people who loves her the way she wants, loves her for what she is, wants to be with her for the person she is and she feels bliss.

Still that Man cannot be Hu-man, he don’t feel for her going from His life, also he cannot see her with a other people too, he cannot feel good. He gets bewildered looking that there are people who can make her happy and feel her loving and he cannot. He feels that he was right and all what has changed is the attitude of the girl.

He does not know that there is a difference between a man and a gentleman.  And the major problem is his thought, his attitude and his ego to run the people according to him. He cannot make himself believe that he didn’t deserve her. All what hurts him is the feeling that he lost. He lost her itself makes it clear that he considered her merely as an object. And an object definitely can be lost as well as can break. That’s what happened with the Man.

What we as humans needs to understand is ,there is nothing like an end to any relation, it’s just realizing what went wrong and feeling sorry from heart for your deeds, and leaving it to the other person to feel the sorry. If he/she does; it’s your fate, if they doesn’t, leave it. Don’t force, maybe they are very happy with someone else. So let it be. Because the happiness is that’s something what you never gave them and sometimes happiness of the person is more important than the closeness of the person.

A friend once said, “Even in the best of the man, you can’t take the ego out of him.”

“Do not have this Ego, which destroys the person himself and relation altogether”

  @ramta jogi

This is a part of SoCS :

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 15/16



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