The Desire

The Desire


In life full of frustration,

Each one living here has more and more ambitions,

Some wants love, some wants feel,

Someone wants to make big, some wants to heal,

Some one wants to dance, someone wants to sing,

Everyone wants something,

That might not have been heard or seen,

Each one is able , Everyone is capable,

To dance, to sing, to act and to think.

But why it still goes flat ? 

Why only few climb the heights, the rest just rest.

It’s because of,


The desire, the need,

The desperation ,the greed,

   Is what makes you succeed.

It’s the climbing hard in the night , when others sleep,

It’s when others take rest, you take a leap.

It’s when others just think and you actually act,

When others find it hard, you easily adapt.

When others give up, you give in.

Believing your work –worth believing,

Neither the noise of insult effects , nor the applause of praise,

You just go on, giving what your work demands,

With a content heart and smile on your face.

You work for your work, you live for it,

You want it to succeed, you give for it

It’s in your manner, in your act,

In your character, in your deed

That desperation , that greed

That desire, that need

That makes you succeed.

@ramta jogi


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