I don’t know how?

 I don’t know what?

The only thing I understand, is that those are my soul-part

To those who were there to believe,

To those who were my relief,

Those who faced the life as I did,

Who believed in the life I lived,

Who laughed at me, who laughed with me,

Who planned their life with my destiny,

Who gave me stress, who gave me pain,

Who were there to balance for the same

Who stood for me, never misunderstood me,

Who taught me to live, taught me to love,

Taught me to be strong,In any way  the life evolves,

To those , who promised me  to be there ,

Whenever life gets difficult to bear

Who taught me the meaning of FRIENDSHIP then

Taught me that a life just better when travelled in the same ship,

I don’t know life would have been what ?

Better or fair?

IF you were not there?

But neither do I need to think that, nor did I want to care ?

Because you were ,you are  and you will be there.

———————————–RAMTA JOGI


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