The Chaotic Mind

In the land of emotions,

Words cry

The pen Lies

Face speaks the vivid truth,

For every word spoken, the soul dies.

Who am I?

It is the society that takes a call,

Else, for me it becomes difficult to survive.

Mind thinks what the eyes perceive,

Right or wrong are just let by…..

Nakedness is no more naked,

An abstract layer covers it there by.

Each thought is justified by an ideology,

No ideology comes with a reason behind,

Blind with the eyes open, the human moved,

Who is following whom, no one asked, no one cared

Fear of diversion, caged them in themselves,

Everyone knew, hence no one dared.

The “feel” in love is just shallow and hollow

Commitment now has various stages to follow.

“Cleavage” became a topic of debate

Making the soul of a Rape victim’s mother bate.

Tolerance became a point to prove,

Intolerant ways for that were approved.

Living a lifeless life, we survive

Doing things our soul doesn’t approve, we thrive

Mind, not heart, makes the eyes moist 

To burst out loud and fall apart is the need.

In all this cacophony of the crowd, innocence is denied,

Unable to survive, it eventually died.

@ramta jogi


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