He who knows the alpha’s and beta’s of Life.

All four were 3 pegs down, consciously or sub consciously having fun and in the midst of it suddenly one of them said, “Rajesh, why you teach the student this way?”

As usual in his jovial mood, rajesh started laughing and asked “Which way?”

“I think I teach them, in the best possible way, I can. In the way in which they can understand the topic in full detail and which will help them clear the entrance exam. What’s wrong in that?”

To this the head among them said, “Yes rajesh, you are right. But this is creating an issue with the other faculties, who teaches them just up-to the point, without any detail.”

“Students are comparing them with you and asking them to teach to your standards, which to some extent is becoming difficult to other teachers. So better we should have a uniform system of teaching standards”

Rajesh said  “Do you know what are you people saying, you are saying me to change my way of teaching, not to teach them what i know and what i can explain them, just to make your other faculties comfortable ?

The head replied “Rajesh, why don’t you understand? This variable teaching among the faculties in the same institution will hamper our brand and will affect our business. ”

“So what do you think? What you are asking me, wont hamper the career the students, won’t affect them and make me feel guilty? Will it not be a cheating to me, if I agree to what you are saying” replied Rajesh.

The Head argued “Rajesh, every one of the department is in this favor but. “

”But not my conscience. I will better quit the job than to continue your way” replied Rajesh.

Hearing the word “QUIT”, everyone who was in a different world of their own suddenly came to their senses.

Another member said, “Are you guys mad? Let’s wind up for today, will have a discussion tomorrow”.

“No, the decision is fixed”, said rajesh. I will teach my way”

“No rajesh “, said the head,” You need to change”.

“NEVER” said Rajesh

The next morning was a different morning for him.

Rajesh: Born and brought up in Delhi, graduated from NIT K, left his home a long time before he was even that much matured. With just his knowledge and an exceptional quality of sense of humor, he began his life himself. With long curls of hair, simple looks yet charming smile, with a idea of living life with peace and ease, he moved ahead, not on any desired way, but on the road which was ahead of him, irrespective of the idea of where it will lead.

A intelligent boy from young age, Rajesh began to take personal coaching for students from the time when we were busy watching action movies and roaming here and there. By the time he entered college, he began his tuition classes for school children, with his NIT friends. His earning by himself paid for his daily expenses during college days.

He continued this way as he never thought what he had to do next. Living his life,  enjoying with everyone who meets him and working on the task assigned to him. He too was common person as others, but with a difference. He always stood up for what he thought is right, irrespective of opposition. He walked along, fell many a times in the midst of his beginning but without hesitation and without any doubt stood up again and continued in his journey. He completed his engineering and finally got placed in a firm.

As time passed and after changing various cities and various jobs, he got married to his long term love and then thought to get settled with his wife, here in Ahmedabad and so he landed here and started teaching Mathematics for entrance exams.

Don’t know it was God who favored him by bringing him in the city of Ahmedabad, or favoured the students here, but he was finally here in the city of Ahmedabad.  


And now, here he was this morning standing in a strange city, which accepted him, loved him, respected him but was not there for him at that time when he needed them. After 5 years in the city, he was there out of the job and thinking what to do next. The only problem he felt was that he realized that what he only knew was Mathematics, how he lived his life was with Mathematics and what can make him take care of his family was also Mathematics, and so what  he can only do was teach Mathematics, and problem was the word “ONLY”.

When you are restricted to a single option, your scope gets limited, and so what he was searching was what can he do with Mathematics.

People say,

Life is difficult to us; it was even harsh to him

We get sad when we get less material happiness compared to others, and there he was, who needed to fulfil his necessity for him and his family and even that thought to earn the necessity was seen difficult to him.

We go to our parents and ask for money for anything what we want, and his parents were far away in a different city without any contact with him from many years, who didn’t even knew what Rajesh was up to.

We find it embarrassing to speak to a stranger and there he was standing there in a strange city all alone, with his wife, asking the city now what? Thinking what next? As everything, every ties of past had ended and there was nothing he could have continued.

We crave, we cry, we ask for whatever we want from everyone and there he was, whose crises, desires and wants only he knew, only he felt, and what the outside world saw was his smile and his reply to everyone  “Move on, will do something.”

With his calmness, his composure, love for his work, love for each and every person associated with him, truthfulness to himself and others, he was not a man who was a part of the crowd, even in those harsh times. Even in such hard times, he was different from others. He was a shining moon, in the cluster of stars.

He began to approach other institutes for work, but for every place either his level was too high for them, or theirs was too low for him. So with a smiling face, and a contended heart he returned back home. Months passed in planning what to do, but he was in a thought that something will be happen. He continued his efforts, to try and implement, but as they say that certain phases of life are rough patches, travelling through them takes time, and the same was the phase he was passing through.

Then one day after two pegs down that night, suddenly he said “Why don’t I start my own coaching classes”. That’s it. With the dreams of owning his own classes, he slept that night. Though the reality was not as easy as his last night’s thought, but from the next day, he began to work in that direction. The next day, while searching for future prospects, he discussed his idea with people.

Some found it risky, to which he replied that, “We have nothing to lose, and only to gain at this stage, so why not take this risk”

Some feared about profits, to which he replied, “Friend, we will have less food , but at-least won’t die of hunger”

Some thought it won’t be able to compete in the market, where the big sharks had taken a major share already, to this he said “who wants to have competition with them, I want to just teach quality education and make my family and my students future better”

To all the odds, he heard. To all fears he encountered, he just smiled on them.

And than one day, in a 2 room office, his dream began, he started his coaching classes.

He did branding? No.

He asked students, from his end? No.

He just started, informing all that he is ready to teach again on his own. And people started to come in, all those who knew him, not only as a tutor, but also as a person.

With a chair by the side of the toilet, where he counselled the students coming to him, and a class room where he took lectures, he began his journey again with a small bunch of students.

With time, his name spread, people began to know that he is there still teaching, and his institute grew. He changed his office, not once but twice as the number of students continued to increase. And the thing that never changed was his humor. Whatever it was, his talks started with some humorous comment which made people around him laugh first and then the conversation would began. He became the center of attraction without moving from the very place where he actually stood.

And the time came, when he again became the best of his field as he was back then and always was. His institute reached the heights in education, his students delivered the best results and his name was at the top.

But what was uniqueness that made him different from other people?

It was his persona. His students respected him for his teachings, but they loved him more for what a person he was. With his pure heart and his frankness with students, he became everybody’s friend cum teacher. Whenever anyone meets him, he was not only there for your doubts about career but he was there for doubts about life.

Students discussed with him their personal matters, because he had formed such a trustworthy bond with them. Batches formed, students passed and went ahead to desired colleges, but not a single one of them forgot him. Whenever anyone got the chance to visit him, they surely did, and he was there to greet him with the same warmth and love.

You go to him, and he will smile with you and crack jokes like a friend. You meet him seeking career advice and he will be your mentor, you ask him a doubt and he will be your teacher, and Discuss personal matters and he will become your guardian.

He believed in the idea “To Act instead to react”, and said that instead of wasting time in criticizing our past, why not to look at our present and try for a better future, and so each bad past always was ignored.

He taught the great principles of life in the simplest form.

He sent many to the colleges where we learn the art to master in business and he himself taught the art to master in personal life.”

Knowing him, you learn many things.

He believes whatever it is going on, it will be definitely better if not best someday.

Whatever you are going through personally, you don’t have the right to depress others with that as you owe some sense of happiness to others to. So irrespective of troubles keep smiling; troubles will end, but being depressed till the troubles end, eventually makes you lose your smile for at least that much time. You meet him any day, but you can never realize that whether he is going through tough times or not. He will always begin and end the meet with a laugh.

His ideas inspired people to live a better life.

His thoughts made many a better person.

His suggestions became a rule, which were unquestionably followed.

Trust on him, reached beyond par.

Whether it was education or personal issues he always guided as if we were someone his closed ones.

What would have had happened, if after quitting he would left bewildered and confused only. Would he be able to reach this position where he reached? No.

He reached, because he never stopped.

He reached because he had pure intentions,

He reached because he loved truly.

He reached because he was true to himself and to others.

He reached because dared.

It has been more than 3 years, of his institute and you meet him today, and you will see that he is still the same. Any time surrounded by students, guiding them, solving their doubts, listening their issues.

A teacher, a mentor, a guide, a friend, a philosopher and specially a true gentleman that’s how Shri. Rajesh Jha is described and he continues to live the life the way it should actually be lived.


(@ramta jogi)


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