A girl in a foreign land

Source: Google
Source: Google

A  girl in a foreign land

               All in new shoes,

Away from her own sand,

A girl in foreign land.

She beings her day,

Where she left the other day,

Goes to earn

Than to learn

Finds it hard

And difficult,to have fun

She cooks her bread

Makes her bed

Lies on it,

To take a long nap,

But in no time again,

Finds herself awake,

To move out with her name,

To repeat the work again, to do the same


It was not the same then,

She was in the east and not in west, back when

Her laugh was different, her cry was different

The sparkle in her eye was different

Her face expressed ,

Her smile impressed

In the kingdom of her own,

She was her very mistress

A carefree bird,

She danced in her thoughts

With the people closed to her ,

She explored the very roads,

Her soul shined with light

Her aura cleansed people’s guilt,

Her nature compiled everyone to one,

Her life was something more than what she lived.

She was desire in her name,

But had no desire to be a part of any game


Now Its a all new land there,

Away from somewhere to nowhere

Still she tries,

Tries to be the same,

To live in a new world,

But with the old heart frame,

In search of life, her day begun’s,

And in Searching herself, It ENDS

@Ramta Jogi 


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